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A San Juan Island Experience —
Where Farming, Fishing and Gourmet Cooking Meet in One Place


Every spring our car ferry, the Whatcom Chief, goes into the shipyard for maintenance and is replaced by a passenger only ferry. This year, for the first time, the drydock period is for 4 weeks, from Saturday May 18 to Saturday June 15.

We are prepared for this, and know how to make your stay easy and seamless despite leaving your car on the mainland. We have 3 parking spaces rented, near the ferry terminal, so there is no uncertainty about where you can safely park. The address is 2580 Finkbonner Rd, a cyclone fenced yard on the corner of Finkbonner and Lena. We keep a vehicle on the island so that we can pick you up from the ferry and take you wherever you need to go. There is a county van that travels to every part of the island on a proscribed schedule.

It’s a fun and relaxing time to be on Lummi Island, when walking and biking the country road is rarely interrupted by a car. There is nature all around you, with marine views galore. This is a  perfect time to unplug from your devices, look around at your loved ones, and slowly decompress. As with the experience of the total eclipse, use this time to remember why you are alive.

If you love the San Juan Islands, you will love Nettles Farm Bed & Breakfast — because it is the embodiment of a true San Juan Island experience. Here you will find a place where farming, fishing, and gourmet cooking all come together—in one place. It’s a great place for romantic couples, families with children, and large groups to kick back, enjoy Island life, and cook great meals with fresh, locally sourced ingredients, such as in season fruits and vegetables, and fresh fish, caught on our own reefnet gear.

The Kitchens

Come prepared to COOK!!

The kitchens at Nettles Farm Bed & Breakfast are well stocked and designed for real cooking, and we provide simple but very good ingredients for a delicious, farm-fresh breakfast that you can prepare for yourselves. Each side has its own live fire cooking equipment, modeled after Argentine chef Francis Mallmann’s outdoor cooking, including a fire pit, chappa, fire dome, and char-broiler.

There are covered decks for gathering, and cozy spaces for living, relaxing, socializing and playing. Each side has its own kitchen garden, with fresh greens and herbs, in addition to tomatoes, basil, kale, and other greens growing in the greenhouse.

Each side has its own pizza oven, and pizza kits are available. Make it a team sport!

FarmHouse Suite has a WoodStone oven inside, and a full-on Mallmann-esque fire pit outside, including a covered outdoor kitchen. In addition to the Big Green Egg, there is a mesquite char-broiler, a fire dome, and a chappa.

FarmHouse has a large modern kitchen inside, and outside a gas grill, a Bertello pizza oven,  a large mesquite fired char-broiler, a large fire pit with chappa, fire dome, and iron cross for large animals, in addition to plenty of outside seating for safe gatherings.

While You’re Here

Nettles Farm Bed & Breakfast offers many charms and a chance to feel what it is like to live on a farm. The elegantly casual accommodations are tastefully decorated and furnished with all of your comforts in mind, including a well-equipped kitchen with a wood fire oven, walk-in steam showers, soaking bathtubs and doors that open onto the gardens.

Time your stay for one of the workshops that take place at the farm. Currently, our workshops include making ikura from Reefnet Salmon roe, butchering chickens, and making pizza dough. You can read more about them here.

Among the many things to do on Lummi Island, visiting the reefnet gear is very popular and interesting. Nettles Farm owns a reefnet gear, which is leased by the non-profit, Salish Center for Sustainable Fishing Methods. Contact us if you’re interested in touring the gears (from July 20 through Oct 1) during your visit, or to plan a trip around Legoe Bay.

A trip to the Nettles Farm will be a memorable experience for you, your family, and your friends. Book your reservation now!