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Hire a chef from the Willows Inn for gourmet dining at Nettles Farm


Farm fresh eggs are available.


The Farmhouse Suite has a Wood Stone pizza oven.


Delicious strawberries are ripe in June.


Dinner might be the catch of the day!


Fresh produce is available in season.


Dining Options While Staying at Nettles Farm

Eating Out

The Willows Inn
Nettles Farm guests have the first chance to book open tables at the Willows Inn, 15 days prior to their requested reservation date. When you reserve your stay here at the farm, let us know that you want to reserve a table at the Willows. We will take care of it from there. Tell us your preference as far as the night, and we will try for that, but it may be another night of your stay. The Willows Inn will let you know your reservation night 15 days before your stay.

The Willows offers both breakfast and lunch on the days they are open for guests, generally without reservation,

Beach Store Cafe
This is a nice little bistro near the ferry terminal. It is open varying days according to the season, but you can normally count on Thursdays through Mondays for dinner,

Eating In

Eating in is a great choice, at least one night, at Nettles Farm; both kitchens are nicely stocked with pantry items and utensils, including sharp knives; and the Farmhouse Suite has a Wood Stone Pizza oven which opens up many cooking possibilities. We have lots of herbs available on the farm, and often other perennial produce depending on the season. Riley Starks, your host, can access fresh salmon and other seafood from Lummi Island Wild, and you can bring other ingredients with you. There is a nice wine shop called Artisan Wines on the island, and the Islander Store has decent wines and spirits and limited produce.