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Wild Foods of the Salish Sea

Nettles Farm, Lummi Island
June 7 to June 9, 2024

This camp celebrates the wild food of the Salish Sea. In this collaboration with Flora & Fungi, we’ll learn how to forage seaweed by kayak, enjoy wild salmon on an isolated beach, eat local bivalves and crabs, and much more. Our headquarters will be at our beautiful Nettles Farm B & B on Lummi Island.

Lummi Island, near the San Juan archipelago off the coast of Washington, is a locavores fantasy land with abundant and diverse seaweed, along with salmon, crab, and spot prawn-rich waters. Riley Starks will be your guide and host. He is a longtime pioneer of the sustainable local food movement here, a lifelong fisherman, and co-founder of Lummi Island Seafood—a salmon reefnet fleet that operates on solar power (Patagonia Provisions purchases the bulk of Lummi Island salmon). Riley has recently started a seaweed farm and the non-profit, Salish Center for Sustainable Fishing, to support not just the salmon but all the other creatures of the Puget Sound that rely on them. Maria Finn writes about Riley. 

Riley also started the renowned Willows Inn and later, sold it to chef Blaine Wetzel. He now owns and operates Nettles Farm Bed & Breakfast, where along with raising chickens and growing food, he finds truffles with the help of his truffle dog, Stella. He’s made this place not just a destination for great, food, but for hands-on culinary experiences and learning about stewardship of the natural world.


Cost includes five chef-prepared meals, two nights at Nettles Farm, a full day of kayaking and exploring, and a donation to the Salish Center for Sustainable Fishing. Find more information about rooms under Rooms & Reservations.

Farmhouse Suite with queen size bed, private deck, and a walk-in double shower with full steam.
Single occupancy is $1950.00
For two people, $2950.00 or $1475 each
(2 available)

Bedrooms in Farmhouse with queen size beds (One room with Twin beds available):
$1825 for single occupancy
$2750.00 for double occupancy or $1375.00 per person
(4 available)

Camping or staying offsite:
$1250 per person.

Time & Location
Friday to Sunday
June 7, 3:00 PM to June 9, 11:00 AM
Nettles Farm, Lummi Island
Sample Itinerary Subject to Change 
3:00 – Arrive at Nettles Farm and check in
3:00-5:00 – Local hike and berry foraging
Hands-on berry galette-making workshop
6:00 – Oysters & Sparkling  Welcome
7:00 – Dinner in the Field
Talk by Riley Starks on salmon and their vitality for the Salish Sea
Morning Breakfast
9:00 – Meet at Salish Center for Sustainable Fishing to learn about reefnet fishing
10:00 – Kayak and drop spot prawn pots
12:00 – Remote lunch
Learn about local seaweed and bi-valves.
4:00-6:30 – Sauna and wildcrafted cocktails
7:00 – Dinner: Spot Prawn Feast
11:00 – Check out
For more information:
Email Maria at or call (415) 306-2773.
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