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Nettle teaNettle Tea

Such a calming and healing drink for these troubled times. Our nettles are still in excellent shape; you can pick more than you need in half an hour. Then brew up a batch while staying, and freeze for later. Great for allergies, but also for your immune system. Nettles Farm is better than ever now, with a more complete garden in the greenhouse, and also your own private potager outside each kitchen with herbs and other plants to use for cooking. The sauna will be done soon, just in time for your rejuvenating and refreshing getaway. Come prepared to cook!

COVID-19 Cleaning Protocols

We have instituted new cleaning protocols to guarantee your safety while you stay here.

  1. We have purchased all new washable duvet covers, 2 per bed, that will enclose all of the bedding, and will be washed after each stay, so that you can be certain all bedding is sanitized.
  2. Each suite has a Green Tech 3000 air sanitizer, that uses ozone, photo catalytic oxidation, and electrostatic filtration, that can sanitize all surfaces in the rooms between and during stays. It has a “bomb” feature that can only be used when no one is present, between stays, that kills bacteria and viruses overnight, so all carpets, furniture and every surface is safe for everyone, even babies.
  3. Our cleaning staff wears PPE while cleaning and servicing the rooms.
  4. Both of our suites are independent of each other, so there is no chance for unwanted interactions with those outside your group.

So come and RELAX!!!

Bring Your Pet

Why not? Your pet needs a break too, after all of this confinement. With our new cleaning protocols, no hair or allergens will be on bedding, carpets, or furniture after your stay. So everyone can get what they need. We charge $25/night for each pet.